The TLA Method

Now – before I reveal all, one more home truth:

There’s only one K.I.S.A. (knight in shining armour) you can rely on (one Dame actually). And yes – that Dame IS YOU.

You're the CEO of the business of YOU.
You're your own best proponent, butt saver or ass-kicker...
No one else is coming to save you.

Which is kinda’ nice to know, don’t you think?

It puts the full deck of cards in your hands. And yes with control comes responsibility and work, but at least you know all the players.

But seriously: internalising that YOU alone hold the magic potion to feeling fulfilled in your life – whatever that means for you in each moment in your journey, that’s actually the first powerful step to living the TLA way.

Now let's talk actions

In short: TLA is a simple and effective behaviour or mind-state update method, that’s easy to grasp and apply even on a busy schedule, thanks to the use of jewellery! (yeah – I said “jewellery” – or jewelry to those in the USA).

We help you define your intent in a small, but powerful action package, that is easy to fit in your schedule consistently (because it’s tiny).

Then using jewellery as a Totem to anchor, trigger and remind you of the change you want to focus on, the process becomes almost easy. With that piece of jewellery you love (a Totem of your intent), now you also have the element of fun and that sparkle and beauty I mentioned before.

It’s a Super-Heroine style transformation (IMHO).

Using your jewellery to inspire the behaviour and mind-state you desire.

But even if it sounds like magic, and sparkles like it, it's not really magic.
It still relies on your active engagement, being clear on your intent, and living from the integral fuel of your core values.

Now you just have a solid and fun way of showing up for yourself consistently. A covert way to take control & keep your promises to yourself. 

Others won’t have a clue. They’ll just marvel at your Super-Powers – your ability to keep your attention on the “prize”.

So here are the exact steps of the method.

These you can take away today and get started immediately.

Or (in full transparency) you could choose at the end of this page to join me for the TLA short 7-day done-with-you course.

The choice is yours to make unpressured. It will depend on how you typically like to do things – by yourself, or in a group with some guidance.

STEP 1: Decide on the one change you want to make.

Choose your intention. You either know it already, because you’ve been trying to change this for a while (or wanting to try).

Or you’re not quite clear at this moment – but you know something has to evolve.

If you know – move to step 2.

If you don’t, a brilliant place to start is discovering your core values, and resolving to make them front and center to how you live each day.

Your core values are integral lenses on your world. Knowing them and living solidly by them, will create a stronger sense of integrity and therefore – wellbeing and enjoyment of life.

Here’s a quick quiz to help you find yours

Come back to step 2 when you’re done :o)

STEP 2: Evaluate the viability of your intent.

Most people fail not because of lack of motivation, but because of lack of clarity and preparation.

Being clear about what you want to achieve at the end of your efforts means your intent is:

Does your goal fit in all 4 criteria above?

If not, take some time to make it fit.

About A: 

Don’t be afraid to break a bigger goal into chunks that can fit in a 5min slot. If you do – you’re more likely to show up until it becomes the norm. 

Else – you’ll be waiting for the “right time” again…

For Point B: 

Define it so clearly that your 3 year old self would have no way to misinterpret what you mean. 

If you don’t – you’re likely to put it off until you “have the time to figure it out more thoroughly“. Something more important will always make its way in… you know i’m right – right?

Also worth stating your goal as if it’s already a reality: every day after brushing my teeth, I fill up my 2ltr bottle of water and drink it throughout the day to keep myself hydrated and healthy.

Point C

This one’s easy to tell. Don’t set a goal to run a marathon, if the only running you’ve done to date, is the bath water you prepped for yourself last night. Choose a 5min-run-each-day type goal, show up long enough to make it to 20min. Then see if marathoning is even a thing for you still :o)

Yes I can see your cogs ticking.

And no – you will not be a stagnant failure because you didn’t shoot for the moon.

You'll be the type of Super-Heroine that knows how to pace herself to victory.

And we know how every small victory makes for a sweet sweet journey to world domination (and I mean your internal world, of course ;o)

Plus – research shows that because we want the change so much, we are often so fired up to take action, we feel we should match our goal to the size of our enthusiasm. Unfortunately that’s what often makes us fail – because when the reality of showing up consistently kicks in – your initial motivation shrinks inversely proportionally to the time it takes to make the behavior stick.

So aiming smaller here makes sure you will always find the time to keep your promises.

And Finally D: 

This one’s also easy. If wanting this mind-state or behavior change chokes you up – you’ve nailed it.

If not:

  • ask yourself if there is a more important change you should be focusing on first.
  • if you’re still set on this change – use the 5X method to get deeper.

STEP 3: Pick your Totem to help you focus on your intent.

Choose ANYTHING that resonates and reminds you of your intent. 

That’s the only thing that matters: That when you look at the Totem you’ve chosen for the task at hand – you FEEL the tug of its look to the meaning you will assign to it.

You have two options here:

  • You can use one of the ready made, one-of-a-kind Totems in the TLA shop.
  • Or you could use a Totem you already have – just be sure it fits the criteria of inspiring your intent.

STEP 4: State your intent.

OK, now we just have to put the first 3 bits together, so that you can use the method in as frictionless way as possible. 

You have and intent that’s Tiny, Specific, Urgent, and Emotional (e.g. you want to live life with more joy – joy being one of your core values). 

You’ve chosen a Totem that’s aligned with the message of that intent. Depending on whether you’re getting that from me or using a Totem you already have, you’ll either be able to take that in your hand now, or you’d have to wait until you receive the one you ordered from me. Let’s say you chose a ring with a green Aventurine stone (signifies new happy/lucky beginnings).

Now take a blank sheet of paper and write down your specific intent in one (max 2) sentences:

Every day when I feel a tight anxious feeling in my chest, I’ll look at my JOY ring and without self-negotiation, I’ll try to look at how the instance I’m anxious about can give me joy, or a reason to be joyous through gratitude. Also – every time I look at my JOY ring, I will stop for a moment and think of something that makes me feel joy – and really FEEL the joy into my heart :o)

Keep this paper on you or stick it near where you hang out mostly. The more often you can see it the more likely you are to FEEL your intent.

STEP 5: Do or DO NOT. There is no TRY.

Said Yoda to Luke Skywalker – yes. 

But – Oh girl! It’s definitely true in our case here too.

The doing is up to you as always. And I know you knew that too – after all you don’t get as fab as you are without knowing to rely on yourself :o)

If you already have your Totem and you like doing things on your own initiative. AND you feel you have enough info to give the TLA method a chance to empower you. Then I implore you to go-go-go girl! 

Go try its power. Correction, go discover your own power through your Totem.

If you’ve elected to use one of my one-of-a-kind Totems, then keep your intention statement visible still. Then when your Totem arrives, you’ll get a reminder (and maybe a little bitty surprise) to come back here and complete the anchoring process.

(btw, i looove saying one-of-a-kind – because they really ARE. By design, and by the fact that i don’t do the same thing twice, and the materials i use and designs i create do not EVER match like-for-like. As an individualist – that “tickles” my soul with excitement. Not only do i have “secret” transformational powers, but the Totem that activates them is the only one in existence… but i digress…)

And that’s what this step is about. It’s about resolving, better yet, DECIDING to consistently DO as you intended

A word about failure...

Of course, you don’t need me to tell you that you’ll fail the first randomly elected couple of times or more… that’s ok. 

In fact – embrace these little glitches as a clear sign you’re entering the change phase. This may be the furtherest you’ve been into changing a behavior. 

Congratulate yourself. 

Celebrate and enjoy your stumbles. Because each one takes you closer to making this dream a reality.

How I can help - is by absolutely rooting for YOU!

You could take the steps above and make a success of your newly elected goal. I’ve made sure you have all the mission critical info you need.

So if you’re the type of learner who just loves to do things her own pace and her own way – then – go go go girl! Just please come back and let me know how you did.

Also – when you’re ready for your next challenge, come back to the Inspiration section and pick one of the many bite-sized ideas I share with you regularly. That’s a well you could draw from freely.

And of course don’t forget the delicious Totems I have created with love (I mean that – I LOVE making jewellery) – these are also here for you – when you need a new one.

If however (and this is a large chunk of the women I talk to), you prefer to do things with a buddy to take you through the process step-by-step.

AND you like to know the reason why and exactly how things work the way they do. Plus some neat and powerful psychological tricks you can call on when things get tougher.

Then you’ll want to join me in the Tiny Little Actions Course :o)

It’s a modest $19.99 for the course alone. 

Or if you choose one of my Totems  the TinyLittleActions course comes to you for free. No strings or extras.

You get the TinyLittleActions done-with-you (DWY) email course direct in your inbox. 

It will run for 7 days. So it’s intense but complete and is over quickly, so you can get on with making the transformations you want.

In the course I’ll go in more detail of how and why things work

It will also help you understand how to leverage your natural behavioural tendencies to make things even easier for yourself. 

Plus I’ll share some essential, quick and easy to implement tools, to help you along if and when the going gets tougher. That way you’ve covered all eventualities.

To order your Totem and the TLA course just browse to the Totem you love in the shop and add that to your cart (the course will be included automatically)

Or if you just want the course to use with a Totem you already have, add the TLA course alone to your cart and proceed.

That's it really...

Now it’s over to you for your decision.

Thanks for being here, and thanks for taking action (I say pre-emptively with hope that I play on your suggestiveness to take ANY action that favours YOU best, my Dame :o)

Pre P.S. If you have questions I didn’t cover above? Let me know how I can help via my contact page.

Anita :o)

P.S. Never lose your colour & shine…