The Tiny Little Actions Method to Creating a Life You Love

… I thought I’d start with an attention-grabby-bold-promise, so we’d get the hype out the way.

Now – if you remember in our previous conversation we talked about the entire TinyLittleTotems (TLT) philosophy. And that had two composite parts: the Method and the Totems.

How Tiny Little Totems Works

This chat is about the first: the Tiny Little Actions (TLA) method of designing your life. But remember that it’s the cocktail of the two that makes for a fun-filled “party.

In its essence – TLA is about taking small incremental and deliberate steps towards creating something you desire in your life.

That something can be a new behaviour. Or a new way you want to feel (about yourself, or someone else, or a situation)…

TLA will help move you towards THAT in an unfussy way – in less than 5 minutes a day (and sometimes, in less than it takes to brush your teeth).

It’s a method – which means you learn it once, then it becomes a tool you can use over and over, in as many areas of life where you seek to affect change.

It’s so easy to learn and implement, you can even share it with your kids (but more on that later)…

In a way I’ve always known about TLA – it’s how I’ve shaped my life and health for the past 15+ years. But I only externalised my process after discovering and completing my coaching certification with the “father” of behavior change psychology – BJ Fogg.

His method of Tiny Habits is well researched in lab conditions, but also through having guided thousands of people through their own mini change journeys.

Having done his training really clarified things I was already doing. But I noticed there were bits missing (I’m sure BJ wouldn’t mind me saying so).

So I started looking for the way to add these on to the formula in an easy to do way, that will enhance the results and make them almost a no-brainer.

I created 3 fully guided courses and did many private coaching sessions with clients in order to test the TLA method “in the trenches” with people outside of my own head :o)

What I ended up putting into TLA is truly the most minimal viable version. The version with nothing left to take away. The version that’s so piss-simple you just can’t not succeed with it.

But it still needs you to “want it”!

There it is – THAT old nugget again!

You know I’d be lying to you if I said TLA is the magic pill of habit and state creation you’ve been waiting for.

It’s not.

There’s no magic pill…

It’s just you – rigging the tools and strategy in your favor to just make things piss-simple. Because you already work hard enough!

Why should important self work be difficult and serious. Why should the journey be serious, in the hope that the destination is all you dreamed of!

Wear your new clothes” – now!

Don’t wait for the “perfect moment” to enjoy the moments of your life’s journey.

I want to spread the message that you absolutely don’t have to wait to have all the “stars” align before taking a tiny step towards the life you desire.

All you have to know is the one next step. Because action always trumps dreaming, hoping, or theory and even learning… it’s the ONLY way to create a full and enjoyable life.

It pains me to see how many people stagnate and suffer in a sub-optimal context, because they feel they have to have the full “plan“, or that they’re not strong enough to change. When in reality, if they knew how to create change in small almost easy steps, they’d see how strong they really are :o)

…and breathe, Anita…

So I created Tiny Little Actions to be fast and easy to prep and do.

To be as fun and free-flowing as YOU want to make it. Most importantly, though – TLA puts you in charge, and gives you a way to keep the promises you make to yourself.

Each time you apply the method and gain that tiny success, you get a MASSIVE hit of self-pride. Which fuels your next experiment, strengthening your resolve each time.

Each time bringing you more into your present, AND making you more present for the next step you want to take.

And because it’s such a simple method with just 5 components and little reliance on willpower, it’s infinitely flexible. Before you know it, you’re shaping your entire life context in a powerful and exciting way.

OK – so I want you to take action :o)

But I know how hard it is to make a decision to add one more responsibility in your life.

And even IF you’re totally fired-up right now, and just want to get to it, I can’t let you!

Because I know you’re not ready yet!

Yes it sounds like a bold statement even as I’m typing this, sitting on my little window seat in my office.

Please don’t be hurt. It’s not you. It’s how we’re thought change happens. You need motivation, and the right method and you’re off to success…

In reality – it’s great that you’re pumped-up for the changes you’re about to make. But it’s also real that your enthusiasm now, greatly outweighs any effort you’ll have to put into consistently showing up for this new behavior, or state, or mindset you’re craving to create for yourself.

Study after study, and quite a few of my personal experiences (and those with clients), have confirmed this. It’s part of human nature.

So to help you avoid a massive self disappointment. To potentially save you a hefty time and emotional investment, I invite you to take my 7-day free challenge.

It’s simple.

You just add yourself to the form below (name and email is all that’s needed). Then starting tomorrow, you get one email a day for the next 7 days. In that email you get everything you need to experience the whole Tiny Little Actions method.

It’s free for the 7 days. No strings (or payment methods) attached.

Your total commitment/investment is 10-15 min a day (depending on how fast you read, and what you set yourself as a goal).

If you can’t do this – TLA’s not the thing for you!

So then your total sunk cost is 10min a day for a week.

At the end of the 7 days you’ll know what to do, and you’ll know IF you can do it. Then your decision becomes a no-brainer!

To be clear, at the end of the 7-day free (and no strings attached) email challenge, you can decide to signup to learn the actual Tiny Little Actions Method (30 Day, paid, done with you via email training course). Or without any issues – you can choose to do anything else, really :o)

And if you choose to invest yourself into the TLA method, my friend, then I can promise you you won’t be wasting your time or money, because you’ll be fully ready to take action.

You’d know exactly what you’re in for. You’d know you can do it. You’ll also have the added cherry on top, of having just tried IT!

It’s like shopping for everyday walking shoes online: You don’t know how they’ll fit. You don’t typically trust the marketing mumbo jumbo the vendor spills on their website (obviously it is the best walking shoe that ever walked the earth ;o).

And even IF all the advertising is true technically speaking, there’s no way you can tell if your feet will feel the incredibleness of these miracle shoes, right!

So making the decision like that always entails taking some sort of a risk on your part.

But, if you could get the shoes without paying. Wear them for 7 days – daily in all the possible situations you wanted them for… And then you were faced with the choice of deciding to go for them or not…

Now that’s my way of making a choice :o)

By day 7 (sometimes way before) you already know: you either want to “punch them in the face” (the shoes). Or you’re wondering how’d you ever walk this earth without them.

Very seldom do you think of a necessity in terms of “maybe I should keep them in my wardrobe just in case I need to be comfortable when I walk“…

And make no mistake, TLA is not a vitamin.

It’s the most important “medication” you’ll ever “take” (I so want to weave in the metaphor of the red vs blue pill from the movie The Matrix).

IF it’s the right time, the right tool for you, this can transform how you live – and more importantly how much you enjoy life.

It’ll also change the lives of those in your ecosystem.

But enough about the potentials. Here’s exactly what you get in both the options you have:

What’s in the TLA 7-day free Challenge

  • A 7 day free experience of the actual Tiny Little Actions method. You get one email a day taking your through how to create this new behavior or state you decide you want to work on.
  • You literally read the email, and follow along. You’re not learning the method per-se – although you’re experiencing the entire process nothing held back.
  • In the paid TLA course – you’ll get to learn the actual framework – which takes a little more effort on your part. This is literally to let you experience the “effort” required, so you can get a feel for whether it’s something that will work for you longer term.
  • Your total investment over the 7 days – 5-10 minutes – including reading and doing.
  • Zero strings attached (you can see I’m keen to make that clear right ;o)

If you’re “game” for this option, add your name and email in the fields below, and let’s do this!

What’s in the TLA Method 30-day Paid Training

  • 30 Days of one email a day that teaches you a single point, and then shows you options on how to execute on what you’ve just learned. You’ll need up to 1 hour to read, think through and implement. Some emails will be a 5 min job.
  • As you progress through the done-with-you training, you will be exposed to the how-tos and what-tos of the TLA method. So at the end of the 30 days you have everything you need to use the TLA method at your leisure.
  • You’ll be learning through doing the method. Totally practical. So if you apply yourself you’ll also have gained a new behavior by the end of the 30 days.
  • You retain lifetime access to all the materials.
  • You can ask questions and get feedback via email as you progress.
  • Your one-off lifetime investment in the 30 day TLA method training – $89 ($3/day).

And if you’re certain you just want to get into the TLA method training, then enter your details below to add yourself to the waiting list.

Time to make a decision, my friend. If there’s something you want to know that I’ve not answered above (or it just sounds confusing), email me – I’ll be glad to help. Otherwise pick your path and take action.

Anita Chaperon

P.S. If you choose to walk away for the moment – simply because – then do so. This is your decision. Respect that. Keep the link to this page somewhere safe. Come back when you’re ready :o)