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1. Become the CEO of the Business of YOU

Your business can’t exist outside of you! You and IT occupy the same 24 hours. The same body, mind, focus, motivation, willpower and so on.

I bet you already know that on an intrinsic level.

Now you just have to make you two exist in a thriving mutual harmony. You do that by taking ownership of how you create your wellbeing. Just like you take ownership of the work you put out for your business.

It’s actually not as hard as you’re led to believe. You can leverage a lot of the business know-how you already have. Things like Kaizen, and Tiny Habits, and many other business tools and frameworks you’re familiar with.

I can show you how leveraging what you already know, can speed up and make it easier for you to achieve any behaviour change you set your mind to.

If you’re keen to actually experience how powerful and simple the TLA method can be — have a look here to get started. It’s a quick 1-2 of truly getting into action. Oh and did I mention it’s FREE :o)

2. Join the TLA Tribe

When you’re done with that, you’ll have the option to either become a TLA insider. Or you can stay signed up to our notifications list to get short alerts when I publish a new episode/article showcasing another Tiny Little Action.

How deep you decide to “dive” will depend on your needs, your learning style, and the level of interaction you want with me and the rest of the TLA Tribe. If you become an insider you get some critical extras that can enhance your results.

I’ve tried to structure the content so you’ll be happy whatever you decide :o)

3. Use the TLA Podcast & Blog

Once you’re settled, you could either search the TLA Podcast & Blog for a topic you’re fired up about making a change in.

Or you can browse through the Topics section to see all the topics we have covered so far in a list format that you can pick from.

4. I’m Here for You

If you need to contact me — for questions, feedback, or ideas for new episodes, you can do that via the Contact page here.

Welcome! Now go make some sh1t happen… I mean – go take action :o)

Anita :o)

Anita Chaperon