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As I said before: Tiny Little Actions is a way of life :o)

It’s a simple method that you learn once, and then apply it to create as many positive changes to you wellbeing as you wish.

It’s like a happy marriage between KAISEN and Tiny Habits, but for your health.

It’s a method that can create lifetime changes, if you use it consistently.

There are two parts to the equation: learning the method (the easy part).

And consistently showing up to do what you set out to do, day after day, until it becomes a permanent part of you (the harder part).

You can’t have one without the other.

And you can’t rely on motivation and willpower to push the method through years of consistency.

Consistency is the glue.

And it’s the shitty, boring, hard bit.

Willpower is finite at best. Weak at worst.

Many studies, and even more diet books on the market will point to the fallibility of relying on willpower to get permanent health results.

But — don’t worry — you have all you need right here.

Below are two options — explained succinctly. When you finish reading, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have unanswered questions or doubts about any of them.

If all is clear — then just pick and do. Simple :o)

1. Be My Guest. Stay a While. Dip Your Toe…

Simply bookmark the PODCAST & BLOG page in your browser.

Or better yet — signup to my free notifications list so you’ll always be the first to know when new episodes are published (and you don’t have to remember to come back and look for new stuff).

You can start listening right away by either scrolling down that page, or searching by TOPICS for whatever has your attention at the moment.

I’ll aim to publish one to two new episodes a month.

Each episode is on a single topic. Less than 30 minutes long. And comes complete with its own Mind Map and specific TLA Plan.

So you listen, understand the topic, and then take focused action right away with the TLA Plan.

Currently all this is for free.

It may stay this way or it may change in the future — I don’t know yet.

Right now my focus is to make this work for you. Meaning to deliver it in the best way to enable you to make the changes you desire.

The rest will shape itself later.

This option is perfectly adequate if you’re a resourceful type of person. You like to pick a topic and make it work no matter what.

You have no problem getting started, and no problem with running through the finish line — in your own time and on your own effort.

When you sign up to the free notifications list, you’ll get my free 7-day experiential email series.

I email you every day for 7 days taking you through the TLA method with just one behavior change in mind (you pick that at the start). I provide minimal teaching, but maximal accountability each day via email.

The result being that you get to experience exactly what it’s like to create a new behavior loop, how to fit it into your schedule, and how to execute on it every single day for 7 days.

Then you’re free to build your health with my help via the free episodes I publish here, and on your terms.

After the initial 7 days, you’ll only get an email from me when a new episode becomes available.

Here is the free opt-in form (no strings attached, and no sales pressure).


2. If You Need a Bit More Guidance in Making Positive Changes…

Consider the full TLA Method experience.

This choice is for you if you’re ready to dive right in, learn a method of creating new behaviors and keeping them for life.

It’s a 30-Day Done-With-You email course.

I’ll take you by the hand (virtually) and over 30 days we’ll be in daily contact. I’ll teach you the Tiny Little Actions Method in short easy to consume emails.

You’ll choose a behavior to create as a habit.

I’ll teach you about creating that habit in a way that you’re likely to succeed. How to make space for it daily. How to make sure you don’t forget to do it as you set out to do.

I’ll keep you accountable daily.

And I’ll teach you the 4 fundamental mindset tools, for making this a lifelong philosophy for yourself.

At the end you can just start to apply the TLA method to building more and more wellbeing supporting behaviors as you wish.

Now this option has a funky payment setup…

Because, as I said before, I’m obsessed with making the TLA Method as accessible as possible for you. And because I want to help as many people as possible, based on their desire to change and take action, as opposed to their ability to pay a static price.

I’m setting a minimal nominal baseline cost for the 30-day course (it barely covers my creation time).

You can choose to pay that (no hard feelings or strings, etc.).

Or you can choose to pay more.

The “pay more” part should be based on what you feel the value of the course is to you.

What’s it worth to you to be able to change your behaviour to suit you and help you create the wellbeing you want?

That’s it. It’s over to you now for the all important decision :o)

No pressure.

Do what feels right — right now.

You can do another thing later. It’s important you’re ready to make the change. If you’re not just stick around and absorb the know-how.


It’s a pleasure to meet you virtually — here’s to your health!

Anita :o)

Anita Chaperon