Tiny Little Actions 7-Day Done-with-you Course


What’s the TLA Course

TLA is a simple and effective behaviour or mind-state update or creation method, that’s easy to grasp and apply even on a busy schedule.

The way TLA is different from any other habit formation method you may have done or eyed-out before, is that we make the process of change more enjoyable and fun, and even stylishly beautiful by using a Totem.

A beautiful piece of jewellery that helps to anchor and trigger the intention you’ve committed to – so you’re less likely to fail to show up. And because it’s fun – you’re more likely to keep using this method in the long term to continue to create your life the way you fancy.

Who’s it For

The course is for you if you didn’t think this much info was enough for you to get change to happen in your behavior, and now you want some deeper understanding of the process.

Plus you like to learn from the best in the field, knowing that having a solid tried-and-tested start with some guidance, will set you on a path that’s more likely to have a positive outcome.

And – maybe you need someone to make sure you do this thing…

What You Get

  • You get the TinyLittleActions done-with-you (DWY) email course direct in your inbox – for 7 days. So it’s intense but complete and is over quickly, so you can get on with making the transformations you want.
  • In the course I’ll go in more detail of how and why things work.
  • It will also help you understand how to leverage your natural behavioural tendencies to make things even easier for yourself.
  • Plus I’ll share some essential, quick and easy to implement tools, to help you along if and when the going gets tougher. That way you’ve covered all eventualities.

What You Don’t Get

You don’t get hand-holding and me doing things for you or pleading and motivating you to get stuff done

That’s up to you. You’ve got to WANT this change intentionally.

This isn’t some sort of quick and easy fix or hack on habit formation. There are no such things when it comes to creating lasting change and a life you value and enjoy.

You’ll also need to choose a Totem to join and assist you on your quest :o)

You could use a jewellery piece you already own and love.

Or you could pick a new Totem from the ones I’ve made

There’s no right or wrong way to do this. ALL that’s important when you choose – is to make sure your Totem invokes a feeling of the intention you want to actualise. You need to be able to look at it and remember instantly THIS is what it means and this is what intent I anchored to it.


If you have questions I didn’t cover above? Let me know how I can help via my contact page.

Your TLA Course is Included

Please note that if you choose a Totem from the TLA shop (like the one on this page) you automatically get access to the TLA Course (value $19.99).

I decided to do things this way to remove the need to make a choice on 2 things (a totem and a course).

But more importantly I really really wanted you to have the gift of learning the TLA method.

If this is not your first Totem order, pls don’t feel you’re losing out. You keep your original access no matter what :o)