The Pearl Circle - Fresh Water Pearl Hoop Earrings


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The Story & Feeling

I so hope you’ll get my not-so-smart play on words in naming these full pearl earrings…

I LOVE how unapologetically rich these earrings are!

They look sophisticated but in a young way. To me they say – “I’m centered and know my place in life, but I’m not afraid to play.”

They say: “I’ve not forgotten the GIRL in me and she’ll always be here.” They say all this, while also implying – I’m the full circle – I’m the whole package, baby…

With 18 fresh water pearls on each Pearl Circle you’ll feel like a queen. The queen of anything really – you pick – you’re in charge :o)

The design to be frank, isn’t that unique – the execution is one of a kind. I even plugged in one of my guiding values in life – a tiny heart.

I hope these bring you as much feeling as they do to me.

The Super-Powers

Pearls pearls pearls! The ultimate feminine and sophistication. When you put on that many at one time (36 pearls to be specific), you must feel the intent.

Their presence will be a solid reminder to focus on your intended outcome.

The Details

The base metal here is brass. It looks just like 14K gold to start with and will wear pretty well. Later (how much later depends on several factors) it can tarnish to a slightly more reddish gold (moving towards copper but nowhere near that orange).

Please see the Care Tips I have for how to maintain it at its best. It will come to you with a shining cloth that you can use to spruce it up whenever you fancy.

They are 7cm long & about 7cm wide.

They look very heavy, but are not. I’d say a little heavier than a std set of earrings. If you need me to be specific: 8g each.

Your TLA Course is Included

Please note that if you choose a Totem from the TLA shop (like the one on this page) you automatically get access to the TLA Course (value $19.99).

I decided to do things this way to remove the need to make a choice on 2 things (a totem and a course).

But more importantly I really really wanted you to have the gift of learning the TLA method.

If this is not your first Totem order, pls don’t feel you’re losing out. You keep your original access no matter what :o)