Pebble Trail - Gold Quartz Earhug Set


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The Story & Feeling

This is a fun ear hug set. It’s elegant and playful at the same time. But also leaves you wondering if you’re seeing right… You kind of think you know where it starts and ends. Or how it fits on to the ear. But then you can’t quite be sure ;o) The gold of the quartz is really vivacious but unpredictable. In the sun this set is a stunner. And I’ve tried to design it with that Sun in mind. I’ve made the pieces with as much movement as possible – while still contouring the ear lines really snugly. It creates this outline look – where the copper is just visible enough to intrigue. And then you glimpse a stone here and there. Having tried them on – I’ve got to say these are super comfortable for earhugs! You can go the whole day – and party and still not want to tear them out when you get home :o) During the day with jeans and a cool top. Or at night with a sophisticated number – these will show your personality in spades. I called them Pebble trail – because that’s what they remind me of. A bit of fun.

The Super-Powers

I’ve given away most of the Super-Powers above. What’s left to add is that Gold Rutilated quartz is believed to also amplify intention. To get you to your goals faster – because in a way it shines the light on to your focus. So you could wear them to feel empowered and focused. Or wear them to amplify what you already feel is coming into your life-space!

The Details (metal, size, care tips)

These earhugs each have a designated ear. And they’re both flexi-built – meaning you can bend them a little to make them fit you perfectly. When you get them into shape once, you can just wear them from then on. The shorter earhug is for the right ear, and is fully fitted on that ear lobe, with the dangle just about 2cm from your ear piercing. The longer one is for the left: that’s 9cm from the ear piercing to the bottom, and about 1cm wide on that dangly part. Copper has very unique ageing properties, and should you need to freshen it up a bit, please see my Care Tips page. The set will come to you with an anti-tarnish strip to keep it with, and a little polish cloth for your enjoyment :o) If you have any questions please let me know.

Your TLA Course is Included

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I decided to do things this way to remove the need to make a choice on 2 things (a totem and a course).

But more importantly I really really wanted you to have the gift of learning the TLA method.

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