Your Body is a System…

It lives in the eco-system of your environment. And is powered (or disempowered) by a number of sub-systems most of which YOU CONTROL.

TLA Body Eco-System

In systems thinking -- each element (sub-system) can affect the other elements and the system as a whole. In turn, that system is also a "cog" in the larger eco-system of the environment it lives in.

BUT -- each element of a system cannot exist on its own outside of that system!

This basically means that:

YOU are a product of your environment AND your sub-systems. Therefore -- on ANY given day the way you feel, think, and behave is dictated by what your environment impacts on you, what your sub-systems produce (as a result of what you choose to put inside your body), and how they interact within you!


Take a moment and read that again.

Let it sink in...

When I explain this to any of my clients, there's first that little quite pause...

Then WHAM! the light comes on.

Did you GET IT?

Everything you eat, breathe, drink, smell, feel, say, do, or don't do, and so on...

EVERYTHING affects how you show up in the world EVERY day!

Complex But Liberating...

Strangely, this complexity of interactions provides a very balanced and counterintuitively, structured way to look at your wellbeing. All of a sudden you realise that:

  • any symptom you feel, lies in the context of your body system. It's not an isolated ailment that you or your doctor can patch up with a single pill.
  • any chronic condition you may have suffered did not just appear overnight, following years of everything being perfectly right. Instead, it's probably the compounded result of years of sub-optimal sub-system performance in your body day, after day.
  • any attempt to create a new health for yourself cannot be a single-point, one-time intervention of a drug (to mop up dietary fat for example), or a diet that is applied in isolation from all the other sub-systems operating in and around you.

By seeing your health and wellbeing that way, you can start to understand that you are a complex being. You're part of the big picture, NOT an isolated atom floating autonomously through space and time.

As you move through life you collect toxins, you feel and therefore you experience stress and anxiety, and joy and awe, and hate.

You're in constant flux. Sometimes up, sometimes down.

You get knocked off course. You get back on track again.

You accumulate wear-n-tear just through movement and being.

YOU are not a constant.

Or an instant in time.

Which is exactly how your current healthcare system sees and treats you. It's what you've been taught to expect. It's a professional relationship dynamic that exists in no other industry!!!

Your doctor has less than 10 minutes to catch a snapshot of the Business of YOU that spans 24-7-365 for years and years...

Would you EVER rely on a business consultant's advise based on the same circumstances and amount of information?

Then why do we think it's ok to do this with our health?

Why do we still feel it's ok to not take an interest in our most important "machinery"?

Why do we still put The Business before the Business of Ourselves?

I don't want to get lost down this rant, because I'm sure you get the message. My aim is to light the fire under your feet and to impact the urgency and inevitability of:

YOU alone live in your body. You and only you have the incentive -- the vested interest to keep you healthy and vibrant day to day.

Not your doctor, or your parents, or your government.

It's up to you to step into your role as the CEO - and take care of business.

Yes -- there'll be moments when you don't have the foggiest. There'll be times you'll need to learn a new skill. Or wear multiple "hats" to make it through a transition. You'll have to fire and hire a few key members of your team. You'll have to test hypothesis to validate solutions...

But you'll be in control.

And you'll be the one setting the priorities and making sure your team earn their keep. You'll be the Director of your life's movie.


So back to systems thinking.

Systems thinking is a reframe that:

  • makes your problem-solving a lot more effective AND efficient. Because you now can understand the real problem. You can understand it in the context of the unique system that's YOU. As opposed to trying to make a standard cure-all fit.
  • it helps you see nuances of what's happening. Understanding the complexity of how your body works, saves you chasing down the wrong paths to solution. Which means less resource waste.
  • Most importantly, you don't erode your precious self belief (we spoke about that earlier).

  • allows you to keep your sanity. There's nothing more frustrating than working to heal a chronic condition for years, seemingly trying every "trick" in the book, and still not getting better.
  • Seeing yourself as the complex system you are, gives you the objectiveness to step back and approach things methodically. Put one foot in front of the other.

    Knowing that this is a process, and you are working towards the right outcome. It just takes time...

And while you're doing that -- putting one foot in front the other -- allow me to share a simple, but powerful analogy with you.

It'll sum up what we just spoke about, and it will give you a very easy way to maintain good health balance from day to day.

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