Hey – I’m Anita!

Anita Chaperon (Mindvalley, Costa Rica, 2015)

A very unflattering (but genuine) pic of me presenting at Mindvalley, Costa Rica, 2015

… good to meet you virtually :o)

I’m a wellbeing Solutions Catalyst.

Which means that I help business owners (Creators like you and me) to figure out how to take the next Tiny Little Action towards creating the wellbeing and vitality they desire. So that they can enjoy their life’s work more, and for a lot longer.

My mission is to help you realise that taking care of your business (as a Creator), means also taking care of the Business of YOU! That NOW — more than ever — it’s your responsibility to take your position as its CEO.

BECAUSE – you can’t afford to split your business from your wellbeing.

They occupy the same pool of 24 hours. They draw on the same set of resources – focus, vitality, energy, time, willpower.

No, I don’t pretend to have the magic potion to solve your health problems in one swift blow.

Newsflash: no one does.

Instead, I can help you figure out how to make healthy changes in a way that suits you. Which in turn makes the changes easier to fit into your life, so that you can keep being healthy.

I aim to pay attention to what inspires you to change for the better. And to help you figure out how to get from a burning desire for health, to in-the-trenches-action, to ultimately — the desired result, i.e. living a vibrant, healthy life you love.

Because too many of us fall victim to our passion to serve others. Our businesses consume our every waking hour, at the expense of family and personal time and health. (I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen people like us burn out and crash in poor health).

Things are changing.

And they’ll change even faster in the next 2-5 years, as the healthcare industry re-structures itself around the Patient with the help of AI and Machine Learning. Things will be great, but there’s still some way to go. And in the meantime the only person to take care of us has to be US.

No one knows us better. No one lives inside our skin bags (our bodies) but us. No one else can FEEL what we feel 24 hours a day.

The responsibility is ours.

If you don’t know that by now, find a way to believe it ASAP, because like it or not, no one’s coming to save you… except you.

And that’s exactly why I’m here — waving my “flag” :o)

I can help you become the CEO of the Business of YOU.

And for that to happen — things need to change!

Change is HARD.

It makes us feel we have to give up what we love.

With every change there’s a loss.

Our primal brain will do anything to cling on to the safety of the familiar. No matter how wrong we know a situation is for us intellectually. No matter how painful the current familiar cesspit is…

We’d rather stay stuck. We’d rather keep getting on the next “diet train” KNOWING that we’ll inevitably fail to sustain it. We’d rather look in that mirror every day and see the body we want to re-shape.

It’s much “safer” to stay stuck, than to trust we can handle the new, unfamiliar stuff that change implies.

That’s WHY I do what I do

I’m a Creator like you.

With 16+ years experience in co-running our business (and 22+ years in the health and fitness space). I have extensive knowledge of our unique work environment. I know the challenges we face, daily, monthly, annually.

I’ve worn the “hats” of a fledgling business owner, and the ones we have to learn to wear later if we want to stay at our best.

I’m a productivity junkie. A problem-solver. A lifelong learner AND a do-er.

I’m passionate about creating clarity out of complex topics, and luckily, many of the people I’ve work with think so too.

All this means that I come at the wellbeing “thing” from a business mindset angle. Armed with a broad knowledge of how our ecosystem (i.e. our body) works.

For you this means that you get to do things with familiar terms and tools. The stuff that you already do in your business.

This way I help you minimise your learning curve — to make the change thing less scary — more familiar :o)

Now you can think of your business and your health on the same plane — same 24hrs. Same “bucket” of energy, focus, and willpower.

The other “secret” and very “magic” ingredient in what I do differently, is to focus just on the ONA (One Next Action).

Make it Tiny.

So small you can not not show up!

Make it so easy-peasy that it does itself (‘kind of – but not totally). And this is what I show you how to do in my podcast and blog. How to take Tiny Little Actions towards the desired change you want to make, to create a long lasting health and wellbeing.

I focus on a single topic per discussion. I get succinct. Focus on showing you how to take action. Because without action – there is no change, there’s no learning.

Whoa – you can see how smokey I get about this topic!

I’ll stop myself from climbing on to my “soap box“, and just leave you to read the story about that passion here.

Now on to – why the heck should I believe you, Anita!

This is the part where I aim to earn your trust.

It’s also the part I find most awkward, because it’s akin to a peacock splaying it’s tail-feathers in the hope to attract a mate.

Except, there’s always that chance that the “mate” watching is colourblind… or just not into other peacocks – lol!

I tried to bribe my husband into telling you why you can trust I can deliver results for you. But he wouldn’t fall for it…

So how about I briefly “splay” out how I came to know what I know.

Maybe a bit about what makes me – ME – so you decide if we’re likely to “gel“.

And then if you fancy more specifics (that I might have missed out) you email me and let me know :o)

Now, you already know about the 16+ years as a business co-owner…

From the business realm – strategic problem solving, the use of systems, methodologies, and MVE (minimal viable effort) action plans are the topics that kindle my interests and provide a unique angle to the wellbeing stuff I do well.

My journey to this point in life is as diverse as it gets.

I’ve been a graphics and prints designer. A marketing and a project manager for legal tech companies. And I’ve had the absolute adventurous pleasure of working for an online gaming company as their paid search advertising manager (many moons ago).

I’m a certified Tiny Habits and Bulletproof Coach (although I’m legally required to call myself Human Potential Coach for the latter).

I’ve helped many Creators shift how they look after themselves through some of our programs at the Tiny Little Businesses Academy.

And I did get a Fitness Instructor’s diploma yonks ago in London. Actually — that was my very first toe dip into the world of healthness. Which brings me to — I’d always been deeply interested in health and fitness. But my REAL journey into understanding health and human behavior started 12 years ago.

It manifested in I way I couldn’t ignore. And I couldn’t explain or offload on no doctor. In fact I’d been to a few by the time I decided that my life depended on me.


Now — at this stage my back-story will sound like a few other stories you might’ve heard in the health and wellbeing space. I realise that…

But at the time we had very limited internet to use as a resource. Add to that me being in a foreign country with VERY limited knowledge of the language, and breaking into a sphere most doctors had no clue about.

At the time it was like when the main character gets banished from the city walls, and is sent out to fend for herself…

It was tough. But I’m grateful for the signals my body sent me at the time. For making those signals impossible to ignore.

Because, as a result of having to find my way, I’ve helped so many friends, clients, and most significantly — family.

I’ve developed a broader-than-average knowledge base on the wellbeing topic. And now I’m sharing what I learned (and continue to learn), in tiny little (bite-sized) action-focused chunks that fit into your lifestyle with minimal distraction.

Which BTW is the only effective way to create your healthstyle.


Meanwhile in a parallel universe: I love co-running our company with hubby (his real name). We’re as crazy and as stubborn (I mean determined) as each other.

We’re humbled by the actions our Tribe members take, and the continuous and mind-blowing results they report – in business and health.

We do what we love, and love what we do!

When I’m not learning or catalyzing (it IS a word – Google it ;o) – I sew, workout, SUP (in the bay of Gibraltar).

I make wire jewellery (for anyone who’s not said NO yet). And either cook, enjoy, or seek to find great and healthy, food that makes me happy (and naturally something good to drink with it).

I find this Antoine De Saint-Exupery quote most beautiful:

“It is with the heart that one sees rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”


Now over to you :o)

If you’re new here start with this. And if you’re not — you already know what to do :o)

Anita :o)

Anita Chaperon