You don't have to wait for "the stars to align" to start creating and enjoying your ideal life. The change process doesn't have to be painful, all-consuming, and eternally serious!

It's easier to just choose one of these:

What do you want to change or create in your day?

How do you want to feel & show up each day?

What values do you want to live through?

Now you're ready to start creating your ideal life with intentional tiny behaviors, activated by a simple method, and bit of sparkle and joy.

Step 1: Choose

You know what you want to change or create in your life – start now

You don’t know:
do the VALUES QUIZ (to zoom-into your priority intent);

– or pick a Tiny Little Action from our inspirations stack;

– or pick how you want to show-up daily.

Step 2: Schedule

Make your Intent a solid part of your REAL LIFE.

– – –

It’s not enough to want & plan a change.

If it’s not in your calendar – it doesn’t exists!

Step 3: Anchor & Trigger (optional) 

Pick one of our Totems, or opt for one you already have.

– – –

Your Totem anchors & triggers your intent to keep you focused until it becomes your new norm.

Step 4: Do

The TLA Method is simple & quick:

You learn it once & use it perpetually to create a life you love waking up for!

– – –

One Tiny Little Action at a time.

Contrary to popular belief, waiting for the PERFECT TIMING,
THAT's the one sure recipe for life-long dissatisfaction and feeling that
there's something missing, or something better waiting for you around the next bend.

Any of this sound familiar?

… You know what you want, and you know how you want to show up in life. You’re a driven, determined woman.

But it’s that same determination that also means you live a fast, full and busy life.

So you end up setting yourself goals to change a behavior. Or you keep thinking of how you should feel more THAT way. Or be more like THIS when in a certain situation.

But somehow most of those goals seem to slip away before the end of the month.

And then you make yourself another promise. This month you’ll focus just on this one change – surely that will be different.

But at the end of that month you realise it’s happened again! WTF*@?

So you end up simmering in a pit of self blame and guilt, because
you’re always talking about the changes you want, but never actually make them happen.
You’re swimming in a pool of broken promises… to yourself…

Not your fault!

Yes! I know you’re your own harshest critic. Exactly BECAUSE you ARE a driven, determined and intelligent human. 

Because by design – you like to BE (and to stay) on the go. Your days just ROLL by, chock full of more important stuff than taking care of your inner state.

And also because…

All the messages we hear about behaviour change or life-design, or self-mastery, or living integrally – they’re all serious

They’re all shouting that change is about grit, hard work, focus, and all-in commitment… for life!

You (must) wake up the same time, do the same thing each day, on a schedule you create once and for all. Start with the most important thing first, plan the rest for the day. Eat clean, exercise, meditate, journal, then go to bed at the same time, and repeat. 

There – that’s the “big secret” to a joyful, fulfilled life… 

Except, instead it sounds a lot like a sentence to be joy-less and to live on auto-pilot…

But wait a minute...

… didn’t we say you’re a smart human being?

What smart human do you know that willingly keeps showing up to do complex, threatening, difficult things that bring them no joy? 

On top of everything else that’s expected from her in life?

So you see – I’m not blowing smoke up your hiney when I say – it’s NOT your fault.

Which is why I created To demystify and simplify the process for anyone who’s determined to create a life they enjoy on their own terms. 

I say: WEAR YOUR NEW CLOTHES EACH DAY!  Meaning – make sure YOU choose what your days are filled with. 

Because you know we only get one go at this journey (that we can be certain of). And the clock’s been ticking since day 1. I know you can sense it. 

The RIGHT TIME to live with intention is RIGHT NOW!

As for all this waiting for the “stars to align“, “your schedule to clear” or the “kids to leave home“…

Your stars have just lined up (and so have all your ducks – in nice neat rows). 

The Tiny Little Actions Method is the most effective way I know of (and i’ve done over 10 years of very thorough looking, testing, and optimising), to create lasting changes in your life consistently. But in small and simple steps, that actually get you big results faster.

And with an added little “magic” ingredient (not really magic, but definitely one you’d not have heard of) behaviour change turns into a simple and fun way to keep your promises to yourself, with a remarkable success rate, and as promised – with a touch of beauty and sparkle if you so wish.

You being here excites me no end, because it means you've found a way to make change
happen on your terms. You're at the doorway of knowing how to create your life with intention, attention
and love for yourself, and your people.

Shall we?

Now – step through the doorway and let me show you exactly how you can make that change happen this time around. 

No strings attached – just the method in one page.

Anita  :o)

P.S. Never lose your colour & shine…