Almost Ready...

Hey there -- I'm all lined up and almost ready to go...

I'm in the process of putting this little treasure trove together for your delectation. So THANK YOU for your interest AND your patience :o)
Anita Chaperon
I've made several public commitments to publish my first episode by the middle of October, and am so far well on schedule (especially after revising my original August ambitions).

I have so much to share with you...

This podcast and everything else I post here will be mostly in short episodes that focus on one Tiny Little Action (yes -- you guessed it -- about wellbeing -- mind, body and soul) at a time.

Each one will be presented as a complete topic, so you can hear it, understand it on a broad level, and then have an immediate action plan (which I'd have prepared for you) to make it happen.

The purpose (and my deep, sincere hope) is to help you get clarity and passion to create positive change/s in your life -- one unintimidating step at a time.

So if you've been TRYING or THINKING of making a change in your wellbeing, but somehow you just can't manage to get things done or started.

Or if you're a seasoned change-maker, stick around. I'm almost ready for the "big day"...

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Well that's it for the moment. Speak to you shortly.

Anita :o)