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Hopefully you’ve been actively involved and putting one foot in front of the other in the process of creating new habits for yourself.

Perhaps you’ve had an amazing smooth sailing so far, and you’re showing up for your new action every single day.

I HOPE so!

But I also know that very often what I just described is a distant pipe-dream.

Typically, we struggle to get going. We put off the start.

We then put off getting serious about consistency. [continue reading…]

Virtually every habit I’ve ever implemented in my life has had a Habit Loop transplant or cosmetic surgery. Mostly within the first 30 days of starting. But sometimes way way deeper into the process.

That’s because new behaviors are an unknown territory.

So just like with new ventures in business — you have to start out with a trusted framework, then pin up your best hypothesis on it and get in the trenches to test, test, test.

Then you discover what parts of your initial hypothesis work and what don’t.

There’s nothing wrong with having to adjust your Habit Loop, in fact in the first few weeks it’s a good idea to be vigilant and consciously evaluate the process design. [continue reading…]

This rule took me a while to internalise. I first learned about it from a friend of mine Seth. At the time though, he was not very efficient at describing what he meant, and more fundamentally, I wasn’t READY to hear the true meaning.

It’s stupid-simple when you GET it.

But slippery and elusive to the untrained eye. Hence why I’m eager to reveal its power to you early on. [continue reading…]